Verbal Features of Film Reviews in the Modern American Media Discourse

Marina R. Zheltukhina 1 * , Gennady G. Slyshkin 2, Galina N. Gumovskaya 3, Ekaterina A. Baranova 4, Natalia G. Sklyarova 5, Ksenya S. Vorkina 6, Lyudmila A. Donskova 7

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The article discusses the verbal specifics of film reviews. In the article the features of English-language vocabulary in the modern American media discourse on the material of the film review in the Esquire and GQ are revealed. The media concept of the Esquire and GQ is studied. Main verbal characteristics of film reviews in the Esquire and GQ are identified. Lexical, semantic, and structural features of the vocabulary of film reviews in the Esquire and GQ are analysed. In the article the expressive means used by the authors of the media film reviews in the Esquire and GQ are examined.
The article establishes that authors of film reviews use epithets, comparisons, metaphors, lexical repeats, homogeneous members of the sentence, various grammatical structures, and other expressive means to realize their thought as efficiently and succinctly as possible. The research makes a contribution to the development of discourse and influence theories, psycholinguistics, cultural linguistics, media linguistics on the example of verbal features of film reviews in the American media discourse.


film reviews lexical semantic and structural features expressive means American media discourse the Esquire GQ


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Article Type: Research Article

Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2020, Article No: e202020

Published Online: 06 Jul 2020

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