Teacher Candidate Views on the Use of YouTube for Educational Purposes

Ayşegül Nacak 1 * , Başak Bağlama 2, Burak Demir 3

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This study aims to determine the views of teacher candidates on the use of YouTube for educational purposes. Study group consisted of 14 teacher candidates studying at faculty of education.In this research where quantitative research method is used, a semi-structured interview form developed by the researchers within the purpose of the research was used as a data collection tool. According to the results, it was determined that teacher candidates generally found YouTube as an appropriate educational material for different lessons, they think that YouTube promotes permanence and reinforces learning. In addition, teacher candidates stated that YouTube might lead to addiction to technology and lack of eye contact during lesson might be regarded as one of the disadvantages of using YouTube. Teacher candidates suggested that necessary descriptions for teachers on how to use YouTube for educational purposes can motivate teachers to use YouTube during lectures.


education video YouTube teacher candidates views


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 10, Issue 2, Article No: e202003

Published Online: 13 Mar 2020

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