Automobile Media Discourse: Verbal Media Presentation of the Electric Cars

Marina R. Zheltukhina 1 * , Gennady G. Slyshkin 2, Conchita García Caselles 3, Natalia V. Dubinina 3, Liudmila A. Borbotko 4, Anna Yu. Shirokikh 5, Helen V. Sausheva 6

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The article is devoted to a research of automobile media discourse. In the article lexical features of the English-speaking presentations of electric vehicles in mass media are distinguished. The concept “electric car / vehicle” is defined and the main ways of development of electric vehicles are considered. In the article advantages and shortcomings of electric cars in comparison with internal combustion engine vehicles in media presentations are disclosed. Structural and semantic features of the lexical presentation of electric vehicles in English-language media are revealed.
The article demonstrates that the main lexical semantic, stylistic and grammatical features help the addresser in the media presentations of electrical cars to inform the addressee about goods, to form the positive image of the electric vehicles at the buyer and to induce to buy the electric car. The research contributes to the development of psycholinguistics, media linguistics, cultural linguistics, discourse theory and influence theory, automobile media linguistics on the example of verbal media presentations of electric cars / vehicals in English-speaking countries.


electric cars / vehicles media discourse automobile media discourse media advertising verbal presentation promotion lexical features structural and semantic features English-language media


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2020, Article No: e202012

Published Online: 09 Apr 2020

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