Media Promotion Role of Economic Vocabulary: Specific Features and Functions in Presentation and Advertisement

Marina R. Zheltukhina 1 * , Nadezhda V. Bondareva 2, Larisa L. Zelenskaya 3, Irina G. Anikeeva 4, Lidia E. Malygina 5, Alexander V. Chistyakov 6

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The article is devoted to studying the media promotion role of economic vocabulary in the media discourse. The aim of the study is realized in the content analysis of the economic vocabulary in promotion and advertisement. We identify the features and functions of economic vocabulary in promo and advertising discourse. The paper deals with the interpretative analysis of economic lexicon in different types of media texts. The complex methods of semantic and pragmatic, functional and interpretative analysis of the realization of the economic vocabulary in the media discourse are used. The article reveals functional specificity of presentation texts and advertising texts. We carry out an analysis of economic vocabulary and phraseology which are used in presentation and advertizing as one of their components. On the basis of the received results we reveal specific features and functional specificities of economic vocabulary usage in presentation and advertising texts. The ways of analysis are useful for development of cognitive linguistics, socio- and psycholinguistics, semantics, pragmatics, lexicology, stylistics, discourse linguistics, media linguistics, cultural linguistics, and communication theory. In the article, we establish that presentation and advertising texts have almost the same purposes, their structural components have their specific features. Both economic presentation and economic advertisement have structure which is convenient for the auditorium to apprehend information. The main structural parts of presentation and advertisement are similar. Economic terms in media presentations make the economic vocabulary cultural determined. Terms in economic advertisements are used quite rare but there can be realities, symbols and concepts. The expressive stylistic means are also used in such advertisements: neologisms, attributive phrases, slangy words, jargons, metaphors and others.


economic vocabulary economic discourse media discourse promotion presentation advertisement PR


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 9, Issue 2, April 2019, Article No: e201907

Published Online: 14 Mar 2019

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