Digital Transformation in Marketing Mobile Phones Industry: Evaluating Marketers Strategies for Cross-Cultural Advertisements

Rabiya Arshad 1, Moazzam Naseer 1 *
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1 Riphah International University, PAKISTAN
* Corresponding Author
Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 9, Issue 3, Article No: e201915.
OPEN ACCESS   2321 Views   2162 Downloads   Published online: 18 Jul 2019
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In upcoming time, media science will be more rapidly growing and developing than today in almost every field whether it will be communication, marketing, advertising, finance or arts. These developments and advancements in technologies make things much easier, cheaper and effective for the people. In present time, the marketing and advertising of products, goods and services has become necessity for everybody’s daily life whether it be the customer, producer or trader but in near future, the standard way of product advertising will be transformed from visual communication to digital visual communication. This digital visual communication will have great impact on marketing and advertising and would have many beneficiaries for the marketers and advertisers. Nowadays, the key elements used in visual communication for advertising of products are line, color, shapes, images, typography, space, size and scale. The latest trends of visual communication are composed of combination of images and text. As in visual communication, images are more powerful communicator than text so, the trends of today’s advertisement design are composed with more images and short text. The evolution of digital visual culture has all the aspects of visual culture but with higher quality and improved level of communication. With the help of improved visual content quality and short texts, advertisers gain more publicity, attraction and acceptance of wider audience toward the product advertisement. Currently the main problem that marketers and advertisers are facing in communication process at international level in marketing and advertising of products are cross cultural effects like language, literacy, religion, arts etc. This research is conducted for the purpose to analyze the effect of digital culture on visual communication through qualitative content analysis. Here the question arises in almost everyone’s mind that can digital visual culture overcome cross cultural effects on marketing and advertising of products?


Arshad, R., & Naseer, M. (2019). Digital Transformation in Marketing Mobile Phones Industry: Evaluating Marketers Strategies for Cross-Cultural Advertisements. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 9(3), e201915.