Amazing! Two Graduate Students Wrote About Stupid Internet Stuff and Got Away with It! (Page 10 Will Blow Your Mind!)

Zachary Sheldon 1 * , Max Romanowski 2 *

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This article examines new forms of narrative in the internet age through examining the website ClickHole. Through parodying and satirizing sites like BuzzFeed, ClickHole (an offshoot of the famous parody entity The Onion) thrives on the creation and dissemination of absurd headlines and accompanying stories. These not only commenting widely on cultural obsessions with things like pop culture figures and social causes, but also point to an innovative take on the place and form of narrative in the age of the internet.


ClickHole BuzzFeed internet culture satire new media storytelling


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 293-307

Published Online: 12 Nov 2018

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