Visual Representation of Senior Citizens - The Role of Discourse Coalitions for Identification with Images and Accessible Information Delivery

Eugène Loos 1 *

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This paper discusses why senior citizens are more and more represented as eternally youthful seniors in many western societies today and why images of the frail needy seniors play a less dominant role. First, the historical roots of these kind of images will be presented. Then, the concept of discourse coalitions (Hajer, 1997) will be used to analyse specific Dutch examples illustrating the ways senior citizens are represented as eternally youthful seniors in public and private information sources. Finally, I will discuss the importance of future empirical research on the identification with images for senior citizens’ accessible information delivery, so can we can ensure that they will not be excluded from crucial information.


visual representation of senior citizens discourse coalitions information accessibility identification with images


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 3, Issue January 2013 - Special Issue, pp. 87-100

Published Online: 01 Jan 2013

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