Unhate Company of Benetton and Corporate Reputation

Özgül Dağlı 1 *, Şeyma Esin Erben 2

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Organizations struggle for positive corporate reputation to affects buying behavior and brand loyalty positively. To get this result, many corporations are producing ads which look like each other: Esthetically perfect, using digital effects, showing healthy and beautiful/handsome people in spectacular places, and fate happiness shows… But Benetton did create advertisements to make people talk, to develop citizen consciousness. This study is about the Benetton’s most recently lunched advertisement company named UNHATE. Researcher will discuss the ads from the corporate reputation, brand image, and from the advertisement philosophy of Benetton.


Reputation brand image brand loyalty UNHATE ads


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 5, Issue September 2015 - Special Issue, pp. 138-145

Published Online: 01 Sep 2015

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