Trust in the News: A Digital Labelling Solution for Journalistic Contents

Zhan Liu 1 * , Matthieu Delaloye 1, Nicole Glassey Balet 1, Sébastien Hersant 2, Frédéric Gris 2, Laurent Sciboz 1
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1 University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), SWITZERLAND
* Corresponding Author
Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 12, Issue 2, Article No: e202207.
OPEN ACCESS   749 Views   382 Downloads   Published online: 09 Jan 2022
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Trust has long been considered an important factor that affects the relation between people and news. However, with the increasing amount of information online, as well as new digital tools and services, this relation has changed, everyone can create content, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, being able to identify and distinguish reliable sources of information online becomes a challenge for the public. In this paper, we focus on providing a digital labelling solution for journalistic contents to enhance the readers’ trust in the media by using design science method. Focus group interviews were conducted to examine reader’s trust perceptions in news contents and their opinions on the trust labelling mechanism. Discussion results helped us to build a list of trust indicators which were used in our labelling distribution system for news content evaluation. Finally, we designed and developed an intermedia certification system to distribute the labelling on trust news contents. Obtained evaluation results confirmed the utility of our system and provided support to readers in identification of the reliable news content.


Liu, Z., Delaloye, M., Glassey Balet, N., Hersant, S., Gris, F., & Sciboz, L. (2022). Trust in the News: A Digital Labelling Solution for Journalistic Contents. Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, 12(2), e202207.