The intersection of interests between Al-Jazeera and Al-Qaida in the era of “War on Terror”

Hatem EL-Zein 1 *

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This paper argues that there is an intersection of interests between Al-Jazeera, the Qatari TV channel, and Al-Qaida in the absence of a global definition of terrorism. To approach the argument, the paper will discuss analytically why Al-Jazeera has benefited from airing AlQaida messages, especially the late Osama bin Ladin videotapes. Also, it will analyze AlJazeera’s mechanism of airing these videotapes and whether Al-Jazeera is supporting terrorism or not.
The paper will discuss Al-Jazeera media policy in transmitting Al-Qaida messages. In fact, Al-Qaida leaders have known the importance of media to transmit their messages. Because of Al-Jazeera’s access to massive Arabic audiences, Al-Qaida has used this channel to send its messages. The result was a controversial global fame of Al-Jazeera in the era of “War on Terror.”


Al-Jazeera Al-Qaida Osama bin Ladin Terrorism


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 2, Issue 4, pp. 176-185

Published Online: 24 Oct 2012

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