The Emerging Cyber Media: The beginning of a New Media and the end of Old Media

Aborisade Philip Olubunmi 1 *

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One of the effects of modern technology and the avalanche of internet-based media modalities is making the world a global village. One is connected to the rest of the world with a click of the mouse or a tap on the mobile device. This development and the emerging Cyber Media havebrought a serious concern to the media industry as a whole. The question now is whether the traditional media, otherwise known as old media (print, radio and television) will be swept under the carpet with the emergence of Cyber Media (convergence of old media into one online platform).This article discusses the emerging Cyber Media, the traditional media and the traditional vehicles of news gathering, reporting and distribution such as the News Agency and Foreign Correspondence. The article hypothesizes that with the emerging Cyber Media, the old, new media, News Agency and Foreign Correspondence will always remain significantly relevant in news reportage, irrespective of the convergence of the old media into one online platform or the dwindling fortune of the vehicles of news reportage such as News Agency and Foreign Correspondents. Because of the avalanche of online news sources, economic meltdown and some other reasons, many media houseshave begun to shut their doors at these traditional means of news gathering, reporting and distribution-News Agency and Foreign Correspondence. The relevance of the Old Media and its tools by the Cyber Media will depend on how the new Media accommodates the Old media.


Cyber Media New Media Old Media News Agency Journalism Foreign Correspondence Technology Internet World Wide Web.


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 119-128

Published Online: 15 Jan 2016

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