The Aesthetic Impression Given By Web-Based Learning Systems: The Influence of Cognitive Style

Pei Shan Teng 1 *, Dengchuan Cai 1

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Drawing on theories of cognitive psychology, I have developed a research model to explain the relationship between the visual factors and the aesthetic impression of a web page according to users’ emotional responses. A series of investigations of a web-based learning system were explored in order to further understand the aesthetic impression created by different cognitive styles. The results indicated that: 1) 15 adjective pairs were classified two major visual factors, order and complexity, through semantic difference method and factor analysis; 2) a perceptual map of web-based learning systems was drawn up according to the two dimensions of complexity vs. simple, and order vs. confused; 3) the intermediate students showed higher emotional responses than holistic and analytic students especially in regard to the order factor when viewing a webpage.


cognitive style visual complexity and visual order Web-Based learning system


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 3, Issue January 2013 - Special Issue, pp. 60-77

Published Online: 01 Jan 2013

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