Semiotic Analysis of a Poster about Violence against Women Violence

Özgül Dağlı 1 *, Elçin Hacıbektaşoğlu 2

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Semiology can be defined as the study of signs. As a method it can be applied to all sorts of human endeavours, such as cinema, theatre, dance, architecture, painting, politics, medicine, history, and religion. Saussure developed the principles of semiology as they applied to language; Barthes extended these ideas to messages (word-and-image relations) of all sorts. The mainstream semiology has offered a method for unravelling how the visuals and the texts of the posters work together to convey meaning, and how those meanings are connected to larger debates about modern life. As known, posters are quite complex systems in which different substances are engaged. But the semiologic analysis method can be applicable to every sort of human product. In this study researcher analysing a poster related to the violence against women. This poster is a special one, because it’s rewarded by United Nations.


poster semiology semiologic analysis


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 5, Issue December 2015 - Special Issue, pp. 102-111

Published Online: 01 Dec 2015

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