Online Newspapers Providing Credible Information: A Survey of Indian Online News Readers

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An online survey was conducted among 3,183 online news readers in India. The aim of the survey was to know the reliable source of information of online readers and their reading habits, gadgets for online news reading, favourite news content, age group and gender. The questionnaire sent through the e-recourses (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and blog). Most of the online news consumers 60.3 percent (n=1920) believe that websites of news organisations is the most credible source of information available on the Internet. As many as 97 percent online readers are also using traditional media for the news, 60.3 percent (n=1909) respondents says text is the most favourite content for the news, 33.4 percent (n=1063) like the photo gallery and 35 percent (n=642) people are reading online news many times in a day. Majority of online readers are below the age of 30. 62 percent (n=1941) are using smartphones for the online news.


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 6, Issue 4, October 2016, pp. 132-146

Published Online: 26 Oct 2016

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