Media Glare or Media Trial Ethical Dilemma between two Estates of India Democracy

Anamika Ray 1 *, Ankuran Dutta 2

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Media intervention in under trial cases has become very normal affairs in the society. Judges are compelled somehow to take decision according to the follow up of Media criticism. For which, declaration of verdict by media becomes the final verdict in trial courts especially in many high profile cases. Reincarnated as public court, media separately starts investigation and forms public opinion. It is obvious that to run the democracy very smoothly, a free and healthy media functionary is needed. But most of the time the freedom of expression is engrossed the controversy by the sub clause (2), article 19 of the Constitution of India. It does not embrace the freedom to contempt of court. But according to the demand of current situation, media significantly involves when justice is totally denied or delayed. Though media helps in social, political changes but sometimes it is also seen frequently that media involves into the money making business. Running behind the circulation and TVT, media makes rather covers the news. The journey from ‘mission to profession to creation’ or in other word ‘passion to fashion’endorses theselling of human values. This paper is a humble effort to analyze the need of media involvement and playing a crucial role in establishing the justice in the society.


Indian Media Public Court Indian Judiciary Media Ethics Media Trial Media Glare


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 5, Issue 2, pp. 92-106

Published Online: 15 Apr 2015

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