Media and Privacy: Case Studies In Turkey Over Hidden Camera Utilization

Başak Şişman 1 *

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During the capitalist system progress, changes and transformations, that came along with the reasoning of “dominant ideology”, increasingly began to extend the thought of take the communities under regulation and supervision. As a result of globalization, which is considered as a process of taking the entire World under regulation and colonization, surveillance turned out to be a stronger power with new communication devices. Panapticon, that came along with the “taking numerous individuals under surveillance and supervision in order to achieve ideal perfection” thought of Bentham, makes the legitimization of the system essential. The same apprehension is also actualized in Orwell’s Big Brother as an apprehension of standardization which is constituted by a divine authority observing everybody. In today’s World, satellite systems, telephone wiretapping, taking the entire communication within the context of social media under inspection, police cameras function as members of surveillance society. Purpose of this research will be to examine the borders of private life and term of privacy in media over case incidents. Against all prohibitions, rules and ethical values, issues that frequently confronts us in media are the violations of private life. During historical process of hidden camera utilization, which is one of the indispensible occupational devices of newsmakers, there are many successful studies but also there are negative results. In this context, one of the basic debates that confronts us as being discussed in the news sector, is the issue of what is included in private space and what is not. In this research, the validity of protected area in different situations will be discussed and evaluated in the framework of occupational ethics, public personalities, public welfare, prohibitions, rules and occupational principles related with private life and within the context of hidden camera utilization.


privacy media- private life panapticon public welfare


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 5, Issue December 2015 - Special Issue, pp. 60-73

Published Online: 01 Dec 2015

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