Match-Making Programs in Turkish Tv Channels

Pembe Tölük 1 *, Bahire Efe Özad 1

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In the national Turkish television channels, recently a new program type called “Match making Programs” has appeared. These programs seek to attract women audience, particularly housewives who stay at home and keep the TV on during the hours when husbands are at work and children are at school. These programs target women audience and choose topics that would attract them. In a way, these programs stand as the indicators of the governments’ policies in the sense put forth by Althusser as the state ideological apparatus. The present paper seeks to analyze audience’s reactions to these programs that are mostly broadcasted during the day. These programs represent the reflection of Turkish women with the content chosen to satisfy their needs. The study in based on “Uses and Gratifications Theory” which takes the audience as active beings and use the media to satisfy their needs. For the study, focus group interviews have been conducted with a group of housewives who follow these programmes.


women audience state ideological apparatus Uses and Gratifications Theory Turkish TV channels women’s programs


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 6, Issue December 2016 - Special Issue, pp. 109-120

Published Online: 01 Dec 2016

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