Managing Risk, Reputation and Identity of Young Adults in a Social Media Environment

Marla Koonin 1 *

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By means of an exploratory study, possible consequences for young adults’(individuals below the age of 30 years old) reputation and identity if their interaction on social media platforms is not managed accordingly is postulated within this article. The purpose is to highlight these consequences of social media engagement on young adults’ reputation and identity and the risk surrounding this. This article uses the theoretical framework of social identity theory to understand personal and social identity. Possible practical suggestions for creating awareness of how to manage risk, reputation and the identity in a socially networked society and the importance thereof are then offered. The review of the literature study indicates that social media has made reputation and identity extremely transparent but has also meant that any interaction in this space can go viral and have risk and subsequent consequences for a young adults’ future identities and reputations.


Social identity theory social media risks reputation and identity in a social media environment.


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2013, pp. 75-93

Published Online: 24 Apr 2013

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