Love and Jealousy in Woman-Man Communication

Rüçhan Gökdağ 1 *

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Jealousy is the emotion of being threatened by a rival in a romantic relationship or losing something of value to another person which happens to be yours already. Jealousy has been researched with its many different dimensions such as normal and abnormal states, how it changes from one culture to another, its effects on couples, and the ways of how to tackle it. There are different views about the reasons of jealousy. While some scientists explain the subject with instinctive reasons; others put forward the cultural values. And another group of scientist emphasize the ego-perception which develops with the relationships within the family. The purpose of this study is to reveal the reasons of the love-jealousy that university students have been experienced, its indications, and effects and how to overcome it. This research conducted on 246 university students from three faculties of Anadolu University.


Jealousy Jaundice jealousy approaches


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 5, Issue December 2015 - Special Issue, pp. 42-59

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