Location Sharing Motivations of University Students

Kemal Elciyar 1 *

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Location sharing-check in- contains both geographical and semantic information about the visited venues, in the form tags. Many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, İnstagram, allow people to share location but main feature of Swarm and Foursquare is that.
There are many motivations have investigated for identifying location based services uses: inform each other, keep track of places, appear cool, get a reward etc. The aim of this study is examining user motivations of locations based services; Swarm and Foursquare. For this purpose, a survey has been applied to university students. Results suggest that location sharing applications supply user’s need of location based socialization.



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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 6, Issue December 2016 - Special Issue, pp. 98-108

Published Online: 01 Dec 2016

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