Investigation into Big Data Impact on Digital Marketing

Ketty Grishikashvili 1 *, S. Dibb 1, M. Meadows 1

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The increased accessibility of digitally sourced data and advance technology to analyse it drives many industries to digital change. Many global businesses are talking about the potential of big data and they believe that analysing big data sets can help businesses derive competitive insight and shape organisations’ marketing strategy decisions. Potential impact of digital technology varies widely by industry. Sectors such as financial services, insurances and mobile telecommunications which are offering virtual rather than physical products are more likely highly susceptible to digital transformation. However the interaction between digital technology and organisations is complex and there are many barriers for to effective digital change which are presented by big data. Changes brought by technology challenges both researchers and practitioners. Various global business and digital tends have highlights the emergent need for collaboration between academia and market practitioners. There are “theories-in – use” which are academically rigorous but still there is gap between implementation of theory in practice. In this paper we identify theoretical dilemmas of the digital revolution and importance of challenges within practice. Preliminary results show that those industries that tried to narrow the gap and put necessary mechanisms in place to make use of big data for marketing are upfront on the market.



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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 4, Issue October 2014 - Special Issue, pp. 26-37

Published Online: 01 Oct 2014

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