Identifying the Main Factors Influencing the Audience Satisfied By New Media Technologies

Babak Rahnavard 1 *

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Development and use of information technology in various fields, the result is information technology a capability in today’s media world is faced with great enthusiasm. This led to the emergence of a variety of electronic media such as the Internet, mobile, satellite and computer games in the world. Spread Internet in recent years, the development of programs based on it is also associated with Web, one of the most successful of these programs are. New media and online media are the new generation, even though life is not much, but it could very well take place in the lives of many people of different ages and from different social groups, the media, and their admission placed and use, and the great distances in the real world, through which they communicate with each other. It highlighted the role of new technologies and media in today's world, and its results can not be ignored. They also focus on various aspects of personal and social life and influence in the country and even internationally. They examined produced.


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 64-76

Published Online: 15 Jan 2016

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