Finno-Ugric and Turkic Ethnocultural Space Volga Region: The Level of Interaction

Liailia Ihsanovna Mingazova 1 * , Vladimir Ilyich Rogachev 2

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The study is devoted to consideration of the interaction of the Mordovian and Tatar peoples in wedding ceremonies and folklore. In a comparative analysis of the aspect of the traditional wedding rites and folk poetry Mordovians and Tatars. Interethnic interaction Mordovians and Tatars is a thousand-year history. The impact of the Tatar people on the culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples, including the Mordovian significantly. It is reflected in the material culture: in the home, the cut and the kinds of garments, handicrafts and economic classes, ethnic cuisine. Especially significant penetration processes of cultural elements in the rites and traditions, folklore. Life Mordovians-Karatau-ethnic environment of the Volga region, in close contact with neighboring peoples could not but have an impact on their wedding ceremony and folklore. Wedding enriched with new genres and works, artistic and pictorial language and means, becoming one of the unique phenomena of integration and consolidation processes taking place in the culture of the peoples of the Middle region. Go Mordovians-Karataev the Tatar language - evidence of permanent Mordovian and Turkish contacts with a long history. They are also reflected in the wedding poetry, ritual and culture Mordovians core region.


folklore the peoples of the Volga region the relationship ritual songs comparative analysis


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Published Online: 28 Dec 2019

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