Do Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns Really Work: Cases in Turkey

Mesude Canan OZTURK 1 *

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Improving a company‟s reputation and giving the public a positive impression are the main reasons for companies to take part in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Corporations realized that social supports are becoming more important for continuity of their corporations. For this reason, the corporations have organized the activities beyond society and their needs. Within the context, corporate social responsibility activities have become more intensified in Turkey since 2000. Corporations are organizing social responsibility activities for publicity of their corporations as much as for social benefits. Therefore, it becomes more important to take a place in media with their social responsibility activities. In the present research, the awareness of CSR campaigns in Turkey is examined. The most popular five CSR campaigns, which were listed in Capital magazine in Turkey, will be discussed in the present study. The purpose of the study is to evaluate for recalling the company which owns the campaign, recalling the slogans, the feelings about the corporate reputation, the feelings about the campaign‟s success, and supporting the campaign. For this purpose, the questionnaire will be administered and analyzed to the university students.


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