Assessing the Ethicality of Promoting the Current Egyptian Regime by Some Egyptian Channels: The Complete Cure Device as a Case Study

Yosra Jarrar 1 *

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This descriptive analytical study aims to assess the ethicality of the coverage of the release of the Egyptian military-invented device, the Complete Cure Device CCD, by some privatelyowned Egyptian channels. The TARES test is used as a rubric to assess how ethical the coverage is. Critical discourse analysis is used as a framework. Analysis has shown that the channels lend themselves to hope propaganda to spread the ideology of democratizing the military rule on the one hand, and to maximize the potential electoral benefits on the other. It also shows how the journalistic practices of the media do not meet the mark for the TARES test ethical questions.


Complete Cure Device TARES test Democratizing Military Rule Hope Propaganda


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 5, Issue 4, pp. 1-28

Published Online: 15 Oct 2015

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