Aesthetic Pattern Forming of Ideological Messages in Turkish Cinema: Critical Analysis of "the Ottoman Republic" Movie

Tutku Akter 1 * , Ibrahim Dalkilic 1

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Cinema is in close touch with ideology as such in correlating with many conditions in society. As is known, the relation between ideology and cinema has become subject of several studies. In this context, it is possible to assume that Holywood cinema is not only the attention-grabbing cinema.  In the scope of this study, “The Ottoman Republic” movie will be discussed with intent to enlighten the relation between ‘’the representation’’ and ‘’the ideology’’ of Osmanlı theme which is one of the frequently referenced subjects in Turkish cinema.  A place will be given to the ideological solution through the aesthetic factors that used in the movie.


Cinematographic apparatus Ideology representation Turkish cinema Aesthetics


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 8, Issue 3, July 2018, pp. 165-180

Published Online: 15 Jul 2018

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