A Study on the Usage of Mobile Phones for Cyber Bullying Among Tweens & Teens of Chennai, India

Manjula Venkataraghavan 1 *

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A 2014 survey by Ipsos report that India accounts for the highest among 24 countries, in the number of child cyber bullying cases (32%) compared to the U.S (15%) or Great Britain (11%). About 70 percent of Indian tweens & teens, spend over five hours on the Internet in a normal week, out of which 27% kids use smartphones, says a McAfee Intel survey report. Popular among them are Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Vine, Pinterest, Tumblr, including Tinder (a dating app meant for adults).
Earlier the access to the internet and the social networking sites for these children used to be from home through desktops but with IPad, IPod, Tablets, and mobiles, the whole problem take a deeper significant turn.
This paper is based on a study which attempts to check on how much of cyber bullying exists in the Chennai scenario and how much of cyberbullying happen through mobile phones. The study also attempts to find out the most prevalent form of cyberbullying among these children and the reasons why these kids either become a victim or bully in the cyberspace.


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