A Study on Public Awareness & Media Coverage of Nuclear Energy Issues in India

S. Arulchelvan 1 *

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Nuclear energy is a controversial and sensitive subject among the public, because it strongly relates public health and safety. Due to this mass media is handling this subject in a diverse manner thereby it creates strong impact among the people. Public’s acceptance and support to the nuclear energy is also preoccupied. The aim of this study is focused to find out the awareness level about the nuclear energy among the public and the media coverage. Survey, content analysis, interview methods were used to gather the fact. The results show that the awareness on nuclear energy issues is less among the public. Indian newspapers are publishing minimum articles on nuclear energy and it is not getting priority except emergencies. Both journalists and nuclear plant authorities have many deficits. The study recommends regular interaction with media, providing needy information and training and often visit to the nuclear plants could bring a tremendous change.


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp. 1-21

Published Online: 24 Jan 2013

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