Green Marketing and the Green Product Buying Behaviors of Consumers: An Application in Ataturk University

M. Serdar Ercis 1 *, Arzu Kalafat Cat 1

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Green marketing is part of the understanding of environmentally sensitive business administration. Businesses need to make all production process green in order to demonstrate their environmental sensitivity. In other words, going green requires a holistic approach. In terms of environmentalism, it is extremely important for business owners and managers to be environmentally conscious and make other workers so, to choose raw material with the least harm to the environment, to improve the processes of production in order to reduce waste amount, to recycle waste, to collect unrecyclable waste and destroy it with the least harm to the environment. Reducing the amount of packaging, choosing recyclable decomposable material for packaging and encouraging the collecting of packaging waste are energy elements of distribution and promotion. Businesses have to become as sensitive as individuals towards the natural environment in order to survive themselves. In this study, the relationships between the social-demographic characteristics of consumers and consumers’ green purchasing behaviour have been examined. In the research part of the study, a research was made on the fourth classs tudents of Atatürk University, Faculty of Communication. The research is madewith a survey which includes questions about student’s environmental experience, their attitude about environment and their thought about environmental issues. Research realized on 200 samples.


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Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp. 59-73

Published Online: 26 Apr 2016

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